Google Apps for Education

Google Apps Education

Google apps for education is known to be one the best applications to use when pertaining to messaging, interacting, and collaboration for online schooling. The education of Google Apps provides all the necessary tools that one would need to document, store, share, learn, and communicate. Google apps even provide high security for protection. See yourself how many advantages this can give. Get a Google Apps promo code right away!

Google apps are helping when pertaining to education by helping the schools better their ways of working and communicating not only together, but with all of their students as well. The google apps for education makes schooling, communicating, and sharing easier and possibly.

With google apps there is a bundle of 7 cores, along with 70 0lus other applications. These applications include; contacts, Drive, Hangout, sites, forms, docs, sheets, and even drawing. Some of the top apps located on Google, include:

  1. Exam: This application a teacher is able to use the Google form to make test that are text based questions or even multiple choice. This app a teacher can share these test with separate classes.
  2. Time Table for Events: Teachers are able to use this application Google provides for creating Calendars and add all of the classes or upcoming events to that table and then share them or keep them private.
  3. Documentation: The google docs is an app that has a lot of features which allows you to do research, embed gadgets, and even have add-ons. Other users are able to create documents and store them online onto the drive and share them with other uses.
  4. Discussion: with the google app, groups can be created to mail out important information into the inbox of the ones receiving them. Discussion forums can also be created when a group of participation is needed.
  5. Webinar: This Google Hangout is used by users and teachers whom are taking classes online. This is a way of communication through a presentation. With hangouts, a teacher is able to have text chat sessions, video chat sessions, and even audio chat sessions. Hangouts can be saved on a YouTube channel, for repeat broadcasting.
  6. Presentation: By using the google sheets individuals are able to take information and create them into animations of slides.
  7. Feedback: With the google forms feedback can be created or a survey for the students or even the parents. Google forms let you create questionnaires by using multiple choice questions and then those questionnaires’ can be shared with others.
  8. Communication: Users are now able to communicate with others and colleagues through email or video chat, even text.
  9. Collaboration: allows multiple users to document and edit real time at the same exact time. They can even start an instant chat through documentation. This kind of innovative class collaboration is known to be a very powerful application.
  10. Control: This is where an administrator is able to control the entire
    applications, including the access and the settings to share within their institute.

As you can see from the top ten benefits of Google Apps for Education there is a lot these applications can do for not only the teachers, but for the students, and even the whole facility of the schools.